Saturday, August 29, 2009

I had a monster of an endocrinology exam on Friday and this week is going to be hell. There's a derm exam on Wednesday morning, then that and Thursday afternoons I have surgery that will take up all of the afternoon. Then on Friday morning I have a surgery lecture final. I wish I could be excited about doing my first spay and neuter but with this schedule I just know I will be exhausted and still have to go home and study afterward. So, no knitting to be done right now.

I did talk a couple friends into going to a LYS (well, if local includes 40 minutes of driving) and one of them decided she wanted to learn how to knit and bought some nice yarn for a scarf. The next time we have a free weekend (ha) I will give her a knitting lesson. I even talked her into knitting Continental even though she's right-handed. Ha! I could teach her the basics of English throwing but I'm super awkward with it and I kinda believe that Continental is just inherently faster, whether that's actually true or not, I dunno. :)

Finally, to contribute to my Secret Pal hostess's baby pattern frenzy, my favorite baby pattern that I've completed was the baby Chucks (Ravelry link) that I made for little Wayne. I have to say I had to make several just to get them perfect but the final product was so cute I was okay with that, and the other patterns I tried before I found that one were not so productive. Another easy favorite pattern would be the Umbilical Hat from Stitch 'n Bitch because they're super quick, and kitties don't mind trying them on for a few minutes (while they're napping.. see header photo).

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littlelixie said...

Hope the exams are going well! As an injection of happiness - guess who just won our SP14 Group prize after posting your favourite baby pattern?! I'll pop the yarn in the post to you this week!

Lix (Hostess)