Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slip-Up Socks: Final
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I finished the first of my slip-up socks today. I'm really glad I took the day off from studying (had a big anatomy exam yesterday). I really needed to finish something! I like the distribution of colors toward the foot a lot better than how they started out at the top. While I was knitting some of it at my parents' house, my mom said she liked the colors. Then she whined at me to make her a pair of socks for Christmas. I told her I wouldn't have time unless she wanted me to fail out of school - yep, she stopped whining - so I'm thinking of finishing the pair of these for her. It would be nice to have somewhat of a knitting schedule anyway. Plus I'll have a couple weeks before Christmas after finals so if I get yarn for my sister and my grandma I might be able to make them some socks too. There's photos of the heel and a detail of the side on my flickr account.

Alright I'm only about half way through the book but I am already excited about the movie!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Dream Swatch Head Wrap
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I made the dream swatch because I was looking for yet another way to use up my skein of Patons Soy Wool Stripes. The needle size I used made the long stitches not so long so the holes in between are less pronounced. This pattern is probably also meant for thinner yarns. Either way, it was an easy pattern for me to start and finish on the weekend while watching a movie. Instead of making it into a "wrap" like a small scarf, I just knit it long enough to stretch around my head and then attached the ends.

Slip Up Socks
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I finally had knitting time this weekend! These are Slip Up Socks from the Posh Yarn website (scroll to the bottom). It's a pretty mindless pattern and I like that. The yarn is Tofutsies "Put Your Foot Down" but I'm renaming it to "Lisa Frank Explosion." The colors are very, very bright. I doubt I will ever wear these out in public, and very sure I won't find a friend to pawn them off on. Still they are fun to look at. The colors are pooling in a weird diagonal stripe pattern. I guess that is better than the colors pooling on either side of the sock, but I wish the stitches were more defined like they were in my Monkey socks with another Tofutsies colorway.