Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Slip-Up Socks: Final
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I finished the first of my slip-up socks today. I'm really glad I took the day off from studying (had a big anatomy exam yesterday). I really needed to finish something! I like the distribution of colors toward the foot a lot better than how they started out at the top. While I was knitting some of it at my parents' house, my mom said she liked the colors. Then she whined at me to make her a pair of socks for Christmas. I told her I wouldn't have time unless she wanted me to fail out of school - yep, she stopped whining - so I'm thinking of finishing the pair of these for her. It would be nice to have somewhat of a knitting schedule anyway. Plus I'll have a couple weeks before Christmas after finals so if I get yarn for my sister and my grandma I might be able to make them some socks too. There's photos of the heel and a detail of the side on my flickr account.

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