Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just thought I'd point out to all of my faithful non-commenting viewers that Jade Puget from AFI has his own blog located at ShyBoysWin where he posts music and random questions by fans. So check it out and make sure you never comment on his entries either. Hah.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Yeah, I hate to say it, but this always happens. School comes around and, no matter how hard I try to stop it, takes up all my free time and then some. This semester is especially grueling because it contains all of the stuff I kept putting off until the last minute, not really expecting that minute to take place. Dammit! Anyway I have some photos.

I was at my parents for the weekend and I worked on my handspinning. I have only been doing this for a couple weeks so I am just trying to get into the groove of it. I feel I can't really go any further until I get some cash and buy a few needed supplies like a niddy noddy, lots o' fiber, etc.

This is what is currently on the spindle, awaiting a proper skein-age.

These are a couple of crappy skeins that I made previously. I can straighten out all the coils. Making a skein with my forearm is not as easy as it sounds.

Whoa, you weren't expecting that! I sure threw you for a loop. This is 'Army,' and I hope someone out there appreciates my Arrested Development reference, although I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't since apparently nobody watches it. Anyhoo, he was out in the backyard for a few weeks until my parents got tired of falling into his nose holes that he had dug into the ground. So they caught him and took him out to one of the cattle pastures. Or at least that's what they told me..

And this is what has become of my beautiful hot pink Fender:

I guess it's a pretty color. But it has lost its attitude.

Much like I have thanks to this semester, hello circular logic. Be back soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I had a long day today (3 hours of work and 6.5 hours of class) but I just wanted to add a quick update and post pictures of my "glittens" aka Urban Necessities from MagKnits.

As I said previously, this is Sock Garden by Knitpicks in "Morning Glory." It's a very soft yarn and is nice to work with, but I am noticing some fuzz from the few times I've worn them. I used a cute little star button to hold the mitten cap back.

This is a photo of the palm size of the glove. The variegation of the yarn made an interesting pattern on the cuff.

And here's a gratuitous Gingham shot.

Also I was quite devastated by the Golden Globes this past Monday and still can't talk about it without clinching a fist or two.. Bedtime for me.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's a lazy Sunday and I could think of no better time to try dying some plain wool from Knitpicks with Koolaid. It was super easy. I used the instructions that I found at neauveau. I've previously used her instructions for unraveling thrift store sweaters and it was also a great help.

Here is my boiling pot, er cauldron:

And here is the finished result:

This is 2 packets of orange and 1 package of Strawberry. I think the whole process took 15 minutes. So pretty. I love orange.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's become my personal goal to watch every Stephen Chow movie ever made. These are the ones I've seen so far:

Love is Love, Look Out Officer!, Curry and Pepper, All for the Winner, Fight Back to School 1-3, Fist of Fury 1991, Royal Tramp I and II, King of Beggars, A Chinese Odyssey Part 1 and 2, From Beijing with Love, God of Cookery, Lawyer Lawyer, The Lucky Guy, The Tricky Master, Gorgeous, King of Comedy, Shaolin Soccer, Kung fu Hustle, Mad Monk, Flirting Scholar, Love on Delivery, All's Well, Ends Well 97, Forbidden City Cop, Tricky Brains, All's Well, Ends Well, God of Gamblers II, God of Gamblers III, Justice My Foot, 60 Million Dollar Man, Faithfully Yours, My Hero.

It's just come to my attention that a majority of this is a summary of the time that I should have been studying Organic last semester but wasn't. Haha. The others are going to be more difficult to get a hold of. So, that leaves us with a count of 35 down, 21 to go.

Nope, no time for a life here. Believe it or not I'm not home all that often!

updated 02/19/06


Here's a list of my current knitting projects:

  • A pair of Urban Necessity mitten/gloves for one of my parents' coworkers. I am using knitpicks' Sock Garden in the colorway Geranium for her. I've already made myself a pair in the colorway Morning Glory. I'm not adding the diamond pattern on the cap because the yarn is already so crazy.
  • Sesame - It's still sitting in its little box because I can't bring myself to work on it right now. I got really frustrated with the sleeves. Everything is completely knitted but I hate seaming! I'm using knitpicks' Wool of the Andes.
  • Hot Lava Cardigan - This one also stashed in a box, I don't think I got frustrated with it but it's been a long time since I picked it up so I might have blocked it out of my memory.
I am starting classes again on Tuesday. I have a full schedule this semester, with 7 classes just to make the minimum full time hours (12). This is what happens when you are a science major and you hate lab classes. Well, I can't say I hate all lab classes but I do severely dislike chem labs and so have left them for the very last. I've also decided to go ahead and complete a philosophy minor so I will be able to fill up one more complete semester after this one. I know it seems odd to be pushing off graduation but I have a few reasons:

1. My insurance requires me to be a full time student.
2. I have about 22 hours left of my degree. So, I could take a couple classes in the summer and graduate afterwards, but that would be 16-18 hours of just science courses this spring semester and I'm definitely not crazy.
3. Last but not least, vet school frowns on being out of school for any length of time, so 6 months would be better than a full year.

Anyway, I will get to posting photos of my works in progress and other random things. Right now you can check out my PhotoBlog.