Saturday, November 10, 2007

SWS Slippers: Pre-Felting
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What is this that I'm knitting? Clogs for a giant?? I know that's what you were thinking. Actually this is a pre-felted slipper for my sister for Christmas. The yarn is Patons SWS in natural denim. The pattern is located at Knit Front and Back and is called Keep Away Slippers. This is a great pattern to practice more advanced techniques, like turkish cast-on (hate you), magic loop, which I hadn't used in forever, short rows, and the sewn cast-off method from Knitting Without Tears. Can't wait til I finish the other one so I can get back to felting. I want to put some cute buttons or some type of decoration on the top of the toe when the fiber's all finished. I'm happy I've gotten this far with still a month and a half to go til Christmas.

Oh, did anyone notice the dog nose in the picture? I certainly didn't after I took it.

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