Tuesday, May 01, 2007

So sorry about the lack of posting again. I have finally finished my correspondence course so I should have more time on my hands to do some of the more enjoyable things - like knitting, blogging about knitting, watching movies, seeing friends, sleeping.. etc. etc. Don't get me wrong, I made sure to fit some of that in this semester. But now my days (when I get home from work) will be filled with them!

More importantly, before I go to vet school, I am indulging in video games. I never had video game systems that were at all up-to-date as a kid because I was always told to save up my allowance for one. That doesn't work when you make $10 a week and spend it all on one movie with your friends. I still am unable to save money, by the way. That could be due to my high rent and electricity costs though.

I did finish one Monkey sock and haven't started the second one. The first one looks great though! I will take a photo soon. I finished it while I was in Austin with my sister, visiting the nephew:
Yes, it's become obvious (to me) that we have the same 'charm' genes. And I don't even like babies! He's a Monkey baby - his arms and forehead are covered in temporary baby hair - so the sock was appropriate!

Be back soon - xoxo!

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