Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yay knitting updates!

First I wanted to post a couple photos of the Monkey sock I finished a while ago (still haven't started the second one). Here's one of the toe and one from the side:

I wish I could get a better quality camera.. I try setting after setting and still the pictures come out blurry. It makes me sad that my knitting isn't shown in hi-def! This was a fun sock to make, easy pattern, beautiful lace, and only took me a weekend. I highly recommend. Plus I love how the Tofutsies made stripes on the bottom.

And here is the purse I made for a friend's birthday present. I used pieces from the Space Invaders chart from BMP (love love love!) and modeled the overall shape of the bag on Twiggy Tweed. It was a cooperative effort. I started the bag on Tuesday so I didn't have the time to make up a pattern and see if it worked or not.

Here is the finished purse:

And here is the lining:

Very happy with how it came out. I'm still working on my intarsia. This is the least lumpy it has ever been and my twisting seems to be working, as there aren't any gaps and the fabric doesn't feel like it's three inches thick.

I am happy to have it done at 4:00pm when her birthday get-together is at 8! Now I think I will nap..



sherriknits said...

I love your socks. I've been playing with some new yarn today and after I saw them, maybe I will try that! Love your bag, too!

Cass said...

ohmygosh your socks are GREAT!

Nerissa said...

Interesting to know.