Sunday, March 25, 2007

Post-Weekend Update - March 25, 2007

Before I show you how far I have gotten on my Monkey sock, I have to tell you how crazy a week it has been.

On Wednesday, I got a nice, to-the-point letter from OSU College of Vet Med informing me of my "selection to the Class of 2011, beginning in the fall term, 2007." Yay! The past five years have actually gotten me somewhere. I can sleep a little bit easier now. It really is a big relief. Everyone asks me if I am excited, and I haven't gotten to that point yet because I'm still stuck on "relieved."

On Thursday, my peeps at work gave Laurel and I a cake (Laurel also got in). This is a momentous occasion because I never get cakes. I had to talk my mom into getting me one for my birthday because no one else would!

And finally, today around 6:00pm my sister gave birth to Carter, my newest (and first!) nephew! She had made an appointment to have labor induced on Thursday and he decided he would come a few days early, two days after her due date. My mom and I had made plans to drive down there together on Wednesday, but she ended up having to go down today to be in the delivery room with her. Therefore I will be driving to Austin on Wednesday by myself. This scares me a little. But it will also be an adventure.

Okay, so here's monkey so far!

I'm just about done with the fourth round of the lace pattern, so I have 2 more rounds until I start working on the heel. I really like these colors together, although I think they might be too busy for this sock. Also, Tofutsies smells like my koolaid-dyed natural wool, or equivalently a wet fruity sheep, which I can't say is my favorite scent in the world. However, I will keep trucking on! I'm sure I will get some done while I am at my sister's.


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