Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's a Sunday post! I just watched Muse perform on the VMAs. They were awesome. I however have not watched that much MTV in years (waiting for them to come on) and I feel old and crotchety. I also wish they'd leave the Twilight references out of it because it shouldn't be considered their only claim to fame. How bout their talent? Don't shoot me. :)

I had a good weekend but after a little bit of studying my planner I realized I have several bad school weeks ahead of me. I don't have a test until next Monday but it's going to snowball after that so I need to keep up with it. So, no knitting this past week and I am still trying to arrange a time for me to teach a friend how to start on her scarf. Hopefully we can get to it this week and maybe I will continue my quest to finish my gift glittens. I am also rounding up a few odds and ends for the final package to my Secret Pal spoilee.

It's officially been a week since I stopped eating meat and I'm not looking back. Not only have I lost weight but it was also way cheaper when I went out for sushi. It's a new task for me and I'm not always good at keeping those kinds of things up when stuff gets stressful but I really want to.

Until next week.

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