Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Finished Granny Square Throw

Granny Square Throw, Completed

All done! Okay, so I left out the fourth row.. hey, it fits well with three rows anyway! I was wanting to start a new project and get this one out of the way. I ended up having to do the last few finishing rounds with a much smaller hook to help keep it from curling. The throw is surprisingly warm for having so many holes in it!

After that I finished my second Bellatrix sock. I know I did the first one probably 2 years ago and it was sitting lonely in my sock drawer. Now I've figured out I shouldn't put off making matching socks for a long time - the new one is a lot looser than the first - guess my tension changed! Lesson learned I guess.


Your Secret Pal said...

It's beautiful!

littlelixie said...

Looks great - ooh! see your pal has made contact! Lix (hostess)