Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chevron Scarf, Robin's Egg Hat

I finished my Chevron Scarf on Friday, after many episodes of Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy. I have done a lot of waiting to finish my data collection in my research project over the past few weeks and I'm getting pretty bored. Not bored enough to want to go back to school in a month though! Anyway here's a photo of the finished project. I ran out of the Koigu before the StR yarn so the former determined the length.

Chevron Scarf, Finished

Next I decided I wanted to use up some handspun yarn I had purchased at the medieval fest in Norman Oklahoma a few years ago. It had just been sitting lonely in the yarn closet all this time. I focused in on the Robin's Egg Blue Hat pattern that I found through Ravelry and thus, after a Saturday afternoon of knitting, here is what came out:

Robin's Egg Hat

It's really cute! It's hard to tell in that photo but the yarn is a pale baby pink plied with hot pinks, purples, and a little bit of black. I wish I had a BIG matching button like the one on the pattern photo, but maybe I will keep an eye out and replace this one. Close up of the yarn:

Robin's Egg Hat

And here's the amount of yarn I had left when I finished, boy was that lucky! I had a feeling I would get 3/4 of the way done and then run out.

Robin's Egg Hat

I haven't decided what I will start to work on next, but I am trying to de-stash so probably some socks.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a fast knitter!