Monday, August 04, 2008

Now that I've given away my baby items to the baby shower recipient I can post what I made!

Converse Booties

Yay Converse booties! These match my pair. I had a difficult time with these. First I tried a couple free crochet patterns and the tongue just wouldn't sit right, not to mention I find a separate tongue pretty useless in a baby bootie. Then I tried a free knitted pattern from livejournal and that one didn't turn out right either. I can't remember why at this point (I made 7 from different patterns to get the 2 good ones btw). So finally I found a pattern from Brooklyn Handmade for another knitted version that costs $5. The pattern was WAY better than the others I found. The tongue is built in and there is a tie around the back to keep the bootie on the kid's foot so you don't have to undo the white laces. If you want to make some cute chuck booties then do yourself a favor and skip all the free patterns for this one. Also make sure you use the ends to secure any extra holes from picking up stitches.

The mommy loved them. The yarn is cheapo Hobby Lobby baby acrylic. Dark gray is apparently the baby version of black!

Baby Mittens 2

These are just some baby mittens with no thumbs for when they're so young they might scratch themselves with their fingernails. They were made with some leftover sock yarn from the socks below.


This is a baby burrito hooded blankie. The yarn is Crystal Palace Puffin and it is polyester fleece. It is very soft and machine washable. I had requests for some adult sized versions at the shower! I think it might also be useful after baths but it would take a little experimentation.

I wrapped these three gifts in tissue paper and decorated a photo storage box with baby boy and scrapbook stickers from HL. I'm really happy with how everything came out and can't wait to see those booties being worn!

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