Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oops, I haven't been here for a while. ImageCave almost deleted my pics! I got through my first year of vet school with decent grades and an appreciation for downtime. This summer I am not up to much besides getting lots of exercise, reading fiction, and the occasional knitting. I have finished several things recently that are for a good friend of mine whose kiddo is due in October. I don't want to post what I've made for her so far because I don't want her to be spoiled before the baby shower in August. So, I will post those in a couple months.

Let's see.. what else have I made in the past six months..

Dublin Bay Socks (links to pdf)

Dublin Bay Socks 4

That is Socks that Rock yarn in the Pebble Beach colorway. It was one of two StR skeins I bought with Christmas money from my G-ma. I loved the sample online for this colorway, then when I got the yarn in the mail I wasn't so sure. I didn't like how creamy the off white color was. However, the socks look great and I like the way the colors worked out. I have one sock done in my other StR, Rook-y, and I need to complete the pair.

Crochet GPS Cozy (freestyle if you can call it that)

GPS Cozy 2

This is what it sounds like! Made with some Felting yarn I found at Hobby Lobby. Can't remember the brand at the moment. I finished it with a cute button I found in my mom's huge collection.

Mary Jane's Pithy Hat


I made this with some leftover Malabrigo. Love the slouch! I tried making this hat a few years ago when I was a knitting newb and the pattern didn't turn out right for me. I guess I've learned something since then, although I'm still not sure what!

I have some other baby things to finish for now and I'd like to start a cotton top now that I've lost some weight! We'll see what my budget allows.

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