Saturday, December 15, 2007

Big post! Finals are over and I finally have time to tend to my photos and more importantly, my knitting.

First up is my first finished Beatrix socks, of course with a special appearance of my bad luck tattoo.

Beatrix socks

I finally decided to use this pattern for my Colinette Jitterbug yarn - I went through several patterns and several froggings before getting to this point. I am really happy with this combo. The color variegation in the Jitterbug really comes out on the fake stocking runs. I didn't have any knots in my skein like a lot of people on Ravelry have, and I am so far happy with the thickness of the fabric it creates. So far so good! I've got about half of the second sock on the needles.

Next up is a pair of Fetching wristwarmers.

Fetching wristwarmers

Made from Vanna's Choice yarn in taupe - yuck, icky yarn. I made these as a Christmas present for my Grandma, but my mom said they were too "new-wave" for her and that I'd have to explain how they work to her. I decided to keep them for myself and get her a crossword puzzle book. Sorry, g-ma. :p

These are the slippers for my sister from a few posts down, drying.

Felted Slippers: Drying

I felted these with hot water, my big yarn pot, some dishwashing gloves and a few shocks of cold water from the sink faucet. The Patons SWS came out great. I think it only took me a half hour to felt the both of them. Success! I hope she likes them.

Last but not least is my most recent project. I wound all of my Malabrigo into cakes because I'll be taking it with me to my parents and the winder/swift combo isn't as portable as it could be.

Malabrigo Cake

Here is my yarn winding audience.

Yarn Cake Audience

Using my first brand new Malabrigo cake, I've cast on a few rows of A Cardigan for Arwen. I'm modifying the pattern a little bit. I'm knitting the fronts and the back in one piece so I don't have to do any big side seams. It isn't complicated now but it will be once I get to the sleeve/hood area. Fortunately there are a couple knit-alongs where people discuss how they modified the pattern as well.

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