Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baudelaire Socks
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Okay, I am still working on my camera/knitting photography skills. Here are some things I need:

1. A white posterboard. This is my dry erase board, the only really white thing I have, but it is too shiny. Alas, it's too hot outside for me to go shopping for anything that isn't required for sustenance. Also, I refuse to leave my house for direct sunlight in fear that I will resemble a tomato the next day.

2. A mini-tripod. My camera's button is hard enough that the camera inevitably shakes when I press it. I guess if I was really fewlt like it I could use the timer function. But, right now I'm lazy and I'll spend ten bucks on a tripod the next time I see one.

3. A new camera. I wish my camera had more functions that allowed me to tweak settings than it does. I guess I might get a new camera for Christmas. It would have to be a Kodak or my printer dock would be pointless and that sucka cost a pretty penny!

Anyway, here is my first Baudelaire sock. It is going pretty well. The figure-8 cast-on was tough. It took me probably 7 times to get it right. I used Hello Yarn's instructions to guide me through. I found those easier than the ones that the pattern links to. I could still use some practice on it, so lucky me - if I ever get to it, I have one more of these to make! There are a few more photos of my current progress in Flickr.

Also, this probably isn't the best kind of yarn to use for such an intricate lace pattern but I like it none-the-less. I will also be buying more of this yarn in the future. I found it at Yarn&Loops, the new store in Norman, and it came in so many pretty colorways I had a hard time choosing. I ended up getting this one because it was unlike other colors I would normally pick out for myself (blue, green, etc).


Phoebe said...

Love the Baudelaire's...I've yet to try my hand at figure 8 for a toe up. And another Palahniuk fan! Yeah!Have you read all of his books?

blasé hurricane said...

Thank you! And I have read all of his books except Rant, I got it as a late birthday gift but have been swept up in school. I probably won't get to it til December.