Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I am working on a knitted kangaroo for my Grandma at the moment. I have finished the body/head and eyes and I stuffed it and stitched it closed. Sewing the head down at a right-angle was a new experience for me. I am using Knitpicks Panache, which is an alpaca/silk/cashmere/merino blend and it is really soft. Perfect for a stuffed animal. I got it in cinnamon. I don't think kangaroos come this dark but that's okay!

I am using a pattern from World of Knitted Toys, which my LJ Secret Pal sent to me last month. It will keep me busy for a long time. A couple of my work peers requested certain animals, plus I always have Carter to knit baby things for. The patterns are pretty easy to understand. It's a British book though, so the yarn was measured in grams and I only speak yards. This amounts to me having to order more yarn soon, I think. Will have to wait for the next paycheck anyway. I don't even have money to get groceries right now!

I have realized that I am very disorganized with my knitting stuff. I've tried time and time again to put everything in one place but slowly everything gets dispersed all over my apartment. I have sock projects in makeup bags that I leave in random places, I have a magazine holder my mom found for me that I put "current" projects in (current meaning within the past two years since I never clean it out), inside the magazine holder is the needle case my mom sewed for me (which never holds all of my needles), I have a plastic tupperware that I keep my DPNS and other notions like stitch markers and needles and safety pins and needle covers. Then there's a drawer in my dresser that has all of my craft/spinning stuff in it. Then I have like 6 boxes in the closet with my yarn. I have to hide my yarn from my cats but it still ends up all over the place. Obviously I have specific places to put things but that doesn't seem to help. At any rate, I am moving into a duplex next month that has a LINEN CLOSET! I already told my mom it's going to be my yarn closet. Being a college student I really don't have enough linens to take all that space up!

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