Saturday, October 24, 2009

Last Thursday I finally got through with a very bad month in school and decided to take a nice week off from studying, so I got some knitting done. First I made a really cute present for a friend but I don't want to post about it until after I give it to her this Friday. Then I started back on the glittens I have been working on for a bit, with a new yarn - Bernat Alpaca Natural Blends - that the recipient and I picked out from Hobby Lobby. That yarn was working much better than the previous but one skein wasn't quite enough to finish so that project is on hold until I overcome my laziness and go back to buy another. :)

Finally, I decided to start the infamous Clapotis with the Kureyon sock yarn that my Secret Pal gifted me with. I have ordered another skein because this one is running out fast!


A good friend lent me her seasons of Supernatural so that has been great knitting material. I had been knitting so many socks and other items in the round lately that I find myself getting a little bored of purling.

There is a big knitting convention like thing (well, big for Oklahoma) going on next spring and I am debating signing up for a class or two. It's the weekend right before I start clinical rotations though so I'm not sure I want to make any plans this far ahead. Decisions decisions!

clapotis2 closeup

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