Sunday, June 28, 2009

This summer I decided to crochet a granny square throw to help camouflage my ugly floral hand-me-down couch. I ended up getting a blue slipcover and so my progress on the throw has slowed somewhat. But here are some photos of my work so far.

The colors:

I'm not so big on the green, but my mom insists it helps the other colors pop. After the first row I decided I would stop using it so much anyway.

The long view:

This is a great project to work on while watching movies or tv. I'm going to do 2 more rows and then go around the whole thing with a few of the same colors.

Besides the throw, I've been sewing a lot. A year ago my mom gave me her first sewing machine, a Singer Genie. It's quite disco if you've never seen one before. I've been making clutches and wallets and forming a fabric collection.

I'm enrolled in Secret Pal 14 and looking forward to it! I have to keep a-craftin' so I'll have something to post regularly!

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